Technical Films

The Selenis Akolyt family of copolyesters has been specifically developed for the extrusion of technical films for a variety of applications, including but not limited to, credit cards, loyalty cards, chip cards, business cards, furniture lamination and graphics arts.

Films made from Akolyt grades allow excellent decorative capability, permitting your customers unlimited design freedom and full personalization of the final application. The exceptional clarity of films produced from Akolyt features possibility to apply reverse printing technique, enhancing printing optics whilst maximizing artwork protection.

Elongation of films produced from Akolyt permit thermoformed deep drawing, at the same time as its relatively low Tg grants energy cost savings while guaranteeing perfect adhesion to itself and substrates.

Proven chemical resistance against common household detergents makes Akolyt the perfect choice for films that will resist everyday weathering.


  • Thermoformability
  • Perfect adhesion to itself and substrates
  • Great decorative capability
  • Superior optical properties
  • Good chemical resistance against household detergents
  • Chlorine free