Selekt BD 210

Selenis Selekt BD 210 is a copolyester that is suitable for injection moulding applications. From thin wall and intricate parts to thicker cross-sections where toughness is required.

Injection moulded parts made from Selenis Selekt BD 210 are water-clear and glossy, whilst tough and durable. Thanks to Selenis Selekt BD 210 high dimensional stability, multiple parts products may be assembled with snap-fit connectors, maintaining the strength required to sustain daily wear and tear.

Selenis Selekt BD 210 is the ideal solution when eye-catching graphics are required, as multiple decorative techniques may be successfully used.

Selenis Selekt BD 210 is a ready-to-use product supplied with a demoulding agent to ease your process.

Selekt BD 210


  • Excellent clarity and gloss
  • Good chemical resistance to household detergents
  • Decorative capability
  • High dimensional stability
  • BPA and styrene free