We count on three Industrial sites with state of the art technology, a wide range of skills and vast experience, as well as a network of sales offices throughout Europe and the Americas to provide our customers with outstanding service. At our industrial sites we have invested in a high level of automation of our processes, guaranteeing consistent quality of our products.

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The industrial site in Italy is strategically located in northern Italy, a very important logistics position to serve the most sophisticated market for the copolyester industry.

The facility has a configuration that makes it very flexible for the processing of multiple formulations, resulting in the production of very special products that fit customers’ needs and options for product developments towards customers’ fitness for use.

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The premises of Selenis Portugal are composed of a production unit for specialty polyesters composed of different polycondensation lines, able to produce an extensive range of specialty polyesters for a wide variety of applications.

Flexible batch and continuous SSP units permit the production of a wide range of polymers to meet customers’ needs. The configuration of processes provides Selenis Portugal the flexibility to produce both amorphous and crystallised products.

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Our technologically advanced plant is strategically located in Montreal to efficiently serve NAFTA markets. The facility started production of polyester in 2011 and provides both melt and solid state processing capabilities for copolyesters commodities and specialty polyesters production. An onsite lab, railcar loading facility, and railroad tracks, along with nearby supply chain partners, generates further efficiencies.

July 2016 - DAK Americas acquired controlling interest in Selenis Canada.