Maven NF 411

Selenis Maven NF 411 is an amorphous copolyester that has been specifically developed for the extrusion of heavy gauge sheets, allowing for high thicknesses without crystallisation occurring. Selenis Maven NF 411 is the best possible solution when exceptional clarity, surface gloss, and neutral edge colour are required.

Selenis Maven NF 411 is recommended when a very demanding performance and outstanding toughness are essential, such as, maximum impact strength at low temperatures and good chemical resistance to detergents and other household cleaning agents.

Thanks to its inherent toughness, sheets produced from Selenis Maven NF 411 may be down-gauged without compromising performance. Cost-savings are possible given that there is no need to pre-dry the sheets.

Selenis Maven NF 411 is easy to process on standard extrusion lines. Sheets made with Selenis Maven NF 411 may be easily thermoformed, cold-bent, drilled, sawed, screwed, adhesive bonded, routed and personalised though different methods of decoration. Selenis Maven NF 411 is BPA and styrene free.


  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • Shelving and racking systems
  • Food displays/bins/dividers
  • Exhibition boxes, point of sale interior
  • Thermoformed covers
  • Vending machine cover
  • Industrial equipment
Maven NF 411


  • Exceptional clarity and surface gloss
  • Easy thermoformability 
  • Easy decorative capability
  • High impact resistance
  • Good chemical resistance against detergents
  • BPA and styrene free
  • Possibility to down-gauge
  • No need to pre-dry sheets