Innovative Specialty Polyesters Solutions

At Selenis we are constantly looking to new materials and technologies to allow you to stay ahead of competition. We believe that through partnerships we can jointly develop customer-focused solutions that meet increasing consumer requirements and fast changing market trends.

Innovative Specialty Polyesters Solutions 18

We count on a wealth of expertise and know-how, as Selenis is part of a group who has been present in the polymers industry for over fifty years. As a result of the close collaboration between our production sites, we share our global experience to provide customers with products that are one step ahead of competition.

Our experienced R&D Team, together with our pilot plant, that is capable of replicating industrial plant conditions, and a fully equipped laboratory enables our teams and our customers to take advantage of a unique option for product development, product improvements and customer requirement fulfilment.

At Selenis all our departments are customer oriented, as well as our selected suppliers and service providers. Investments in advanced technologies coupled with rigorous quality control procedures ensure our products meet customers’ needs. We continuously strive to supply added value product and solutions to our customers.