Infinite S 76

Selenis Infinite S 76 is a medium viscosity PET polyester well suited for injection molding applications. Excellent clarity, gloss and mechanical properties make this product the ideal choice for a wide variety of container applications, including CSD, still water, juices and custom containers. Consistent base color in this easy to process resin delivers predictable, high-yield throughput.  Selenis Infinite S 76 is FDA approved and available in bags, bulk truck and rail car delivery.


  • Reduction in fines
  • Predictable colour results
  • Fit for direct food contact
  • Recyclable
  • Wide processing window
  • Visibility of container contents
Infinite S 76


  • Spherical pellet
  • Consistent base colour
  • FDA approval
  • Recycle code “1”
  • Easy to process
  • Crystal clear