Heavy Gauge Sheet

The Selenis Maven family of copolyester has been specifically developed for the extrusion of heavy gauge sheets, allowing high thicknesses without crystallisation occurring. Maven grades are the solution when a combination of exceptional clarity, surface gloss and remarkable toughness is essential.

Maven range of products covers different needs, depending on specific fitness-for-use requirements, such as neutral edge colour, maximum impact resistance, and cost-savings due to potential down gauging and no need to pre-dry the sheets.

The Selenis Maven family include four grades, offering a selection of products that can fulfil your needs, depending on fitness for use of your application. Sheets made with Maven may be easily thermoformed, cold-bent, drilled, sawed, screwed, routed and personalised through different methods of decoration and embossing, such as colours and frosty designs. UV stabilization is also possible through coextrusion of a thin layer of masterbatch.

All Maven grades are BPA and styrene free.


  • Exceptional clarity and surface gloss
  • Easy thermoformability 
  • Easy decorability
  • High impact resistance
  • Good chemical resistance against detergents
  • BPA and styrene free
  • Possibility to down-gauge
  • No need to pre-dry sheets


  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • Shelving and racking systems
  • Food displays/bins/dividers
  • Exhibition boxes, point of sale interior
  • Thermoformed covers
  • Vending machine cover
  • Industrial equipment
  • Machine guards and other technical protections
  • Ski lifts covers and gondola windows