Genius 250

Selenis Genius 250 copolyester has been specifically developed for extrusion blow moulding process of bottles of any shape. Selenis Genius 250 offers exceptional clarity, neutral colour and high gloss, granting enhanced shelf appeal whilst protecting product ingredients.

Selenis Genius 250 grade is especially recommended for the production of containers with a volume up to 250-ml., allowing for production of small batches with good economics.

Selenis Genius 250 grade may be easily processed on standard extrusion blow moulding machines, provided appropriate drying equipment is used. 

Selenis Genius 250 offers good chemical resistance to most common additives used in the cosmetics and personal care industries; it is up to the end user to determine the fitness for use.

Genius 250


  • Exceptional clarity
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good impact resistance
  • Easy to process
  • Excellent decorative capability and personalisation
  • Suitable for storage down to -40ºC
  • EtO and Gamma sterilisable