Bondz HF 048

Selenis Bondz HF 048 is a copolyester specifically designed for sealing layers in APET coextruded films. Selenis has developed this bonding solution to consistently deliver excellent melt strength and exceptional heat-sealing performance. This product is formulated to provide and sustain the adhesion level crucial to the packaging integrity through the different processes of manufacturing, from coextrusion to thermoforming, securing full protection of the final product.

Selenis Bondz HF 048 greatly improves your film, providing enhanced printability, effortless trimming and easier thermoformability; hence boosting your energy efficiency.

Selenis Bondz HF 048 may be used as a primary or secondary packaging material for thermoformed trays, blister applications, and form-fill-seal applications up to 75ºC.

Selenis Bondz HF 048 guarantees no crystalline haze; thereby assuring your film will be crystal-clear. This solution ensures exceptional adhesion level, while maintaining high clarity and gloss, certifying optimal visual appeal at point of sale.

Bondz HF 048


  • Excellent melt strength
  • Exceptional heat-sealing performance
  • Superior adhesion level
  • Enhanced printability
  • Easy trimming
  • Improved efficiency
  • Wide processing window
  • No crystalline haze
  • High clarity
  • Optimal visual appeal